Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Products Range from VOX

People are nowadays going crazy about the latest gadgets in the market and they are in search of hi-fi techno equipments which they can show off every time. Coming up in the market is the company VOX which is not only offering the best quality gadgets and equipments but also the nominal price range devices. One of the most famous gadgets of the VOX nowadays in the market is the VOX Digital Video Camcorder. The camcorder offered by the VOX is of best quality and their new products range is attracting many people.
This VOX digital Video Camcorder is available in different options of 8MP, 10.2MP and the 12MP. Depending upon the budget and features, one can make his or her choice. Digital Camcorder is available with the digital still camera. This can be easily connected with the computer with the help of USB Mass Storage. The best thing in this camcorder is the 8MP-12MP CMOS Sensor technology which offers the best recordings of the lifetime. These recorders are also available in the various range of TFT LCD screen ranging from 1.5”-3”.
If you are looking for the universal video format in these camcorders then you can record and play your videos in the Video File Format AVI. The camcorder comes with an expandable memory of 4GB and is available with both the options of MMC and SD Card. One can also get the 4x-10x Digital zoom in these camcorders. Another innovative feature which has been included in these camcorders is the auto focus during the cloudy, fluorescent or day time. Most of these camcorders are available with the electronic shutter which not only offer the perfect timing while recording but also gives complete protection to the lens.  You can also get the features like AAA Battery Operation along with the self timer and USB.
For the music lover, VOX is also offering the VOX Cordless Headphone with FM. Some of the important features of this headphone are the outstanding performance, strong signal, high sensitivity and the interference resistance along with the effective range over 8m. The best thing is that you can also get the good bass system which can be used as a great source of enjoyment for the hi-fi noise free sound. VOX is not only known for its gadgets but they are known dealers in the car accessories. Air purifiers, Sound System and Other Car accessories are known VOX products.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Know Your iPod Phone More Closely!

With the edge cutting development in technology and advancement of telecommunication resources, world’s leading brands are committed to invent ground-breaking and multitasking devices for making the life of human beings better. iPod is one of the revolutionary and modern devices consisting of astonishing features and is introduced in various versions till date. It is a phone embedded with widely demanded traits such as a camera, video player, superior quality music player, high speed internet integrity along with a number of brand new digital games. Voice mail, a touch screen, amazing storage capacity and slimmest specifications make this gadget a worth buying one in the market. A user can use this gadget as a phone and can also store unlimited songs, recording files and other content to this tiny device. Nevertheless, this is the best buddy of tech savvy people, who want to perform their couple of tasks together by operating certain controls at a time daily.  

This gadget is growing immensely famous among the new generation. There are a couple of models available in the market rated as a best iPod phone ranging from affordable to high prices. By inspecting the desired technical features and by reading the online reviews, one can decide about to a suitable one to invest money. An inbuilt camera with a photo management facility, a long battery standby more than 250 hours, 8 hours of talking time along with six hours of internet use are the wonderful features of an iPod phone. Its soft QWERTY keypad is pretty helpful in correcting the text mistakes. Slim metal panel, flat touch wide screen display, a rich HTML browser, Wi- Fi & EDGE internet facilities are the core features of a best iPod phone. A quad band GSM, high resolution of a screen, excellent volume control along with a pulse- play system are rolled into this small device.

Pro- power iPod portable speakers are the convenient and an ear comfort accessory frequently used with this compact device. This lightweight addition comes with an integrated cable management system, which absolutely organized the wires of speakers. These iPod portable speakers reasonably fit in a small pouch and are available in different colours in the market for sale. People can entertain themselves with the excellent sound quality of these portable speakers by playing the desired music on an iPod. Such a hand accessory includes a device holder suitable with most of the iPod phones.

Altec Lansing iPod portable speakers are a well equipped minimal space required accessory selling like hot cakes in the market. Octive mini, Orbit M, Boombox, in Motion Classic and moon dance glow are one of the popular additions in the family of Altec Lansing iPod speakers. Full bodied 360 degree sound system is nearly compatible with all the iPod models introduced in the market. A powerful alarm rock application allows the users to share MP3, CD- players and music enabled phones with the other friends.